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Six Short Stories are available for purchase as a compilation.

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The Suicide Notes (Romance - 2006) - 2,300 words
A lonely youth drops a suicide note in an isolated mailbox for no one in particular to find. Unbeknownst to him, someone does.

Perception (Romance - 2006) - 1,400 words
A nighttime visitor makes a college student wonder what types of communication are truly important.

Oak (Horror - 2011) - 3,400 words
The oak tree that dominates the Marshville Town Cemetery has a nasty habit of getting its roots into coffins and wrenching the corpses out of the earth.

Mount Marcy (Erotica/Adventure - 2010) - 7,300 words
A couple spends a weekend enjoying the idyllic setting of the highest peak in New York State.

Wings (Drama - 2009) - 5,800 words
Vivid dreams and an odd nighttime visitor make a man question his purpose in the world.

Promise Ring (Romance - 2006) - 2,500 words
When a college student's rejected proposal turns a relationship into ashes, an obnoxious young girl helps him rise again.