About the Author

I'm a 24 year old unemployed engineering major living with my parents in upstate New York.  My only goal in creating this blog was to have an outlet for my randomness, but I am continually delighted that others wish to read and can identify with what I have to say.

My real passion is telling stories, and my life's goal is to one day be among the lucky few that make their living writing fiction.  My slightly more realistic goal is to continue to create and to be read and at least have some sort of an impact on those people.  (Links to my published works at the top of the page (shameless plug).)

I'll try and straddle a line between false modesty and arrogance by saying that I'm generally good at most of the things I try to do.  In high school I scored in the 90th and above percentile in every category on job placement exams except for manual dexterity (no surgeries for me).  I've played every major sport (baseball, football, hockey, basketball, and soccer along with golf and bowling), and made All-Star teams for baseball and hockey.  It's this sort of broadness that I think defines me better than anything else.  So many things in life try and shunt you down one particular avenue, which is something I've always resisted.  My work as an engineer, while fulfilling on may levels, left no room for creativity.

It's this contradiction that has made life maddeningly difficult to sort out.  (I know, I know, no one is crying for the smart kid.)  The one thing I've done that has allowed me to achieve happiness because it embraces that broadness fully.  To write, especially in a variety of disciplines, you cannot be pigeonholed at all.  One day I might be reading technical journals for a science fiction story, while the next I'll be poring through mythology and religious history for a paranormal fantasy novel.  It has been the perfect fit for my tendency to want to learn and know everything about everything.  Aside from the lack of dollar signs rolling in.  I still haven't figured that part out yet.