Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Most Bizarre Google Searches That Have Found My Blog

Yes, I went through all 4,400+ search terms that led people to this blog.  Without further ado, the best of the best...

Leading off with "Horrible Typos and Grammar Shortcomings:"
  • sexual relatinship valgar
  • angelina jolie boops
  • are women who are he she real
  • best style of ideal focking
  • dejvid boreanaz - I like how he spelled Boreanaz right and David wrong
  • first look at caracell mall
  • herrington sabres galisano
  • how do i win at internet
  • j have a small penis and my prefere wife the big black penis 
  • i want to be a porn stare 
  • ultimaye surrendet male version free vodeo 
  • valger sex craim

  • Derek Roy Gay
  • brad richards gay or girlfriend
  • bryan murray's lisp be cured?
  • gay wargames
  • gays rubbing their dicks
  • halloween gay pissing psycho
  • justin bieber likes to suck penis
  • you're all retarded fags
  • is tomas vanek gay?

Important Questions
  • how to satisfy a girl while making sex relation
  • is eric staal good in bed?
  • what about timothy olyphant?
  • what does the phrase "criminally vulgar" mean?
  • what is this about derek roy being a locker room cancer
  • where does the penis go in the vagina
  • why are pittsburgh steeler fan so obnoxious
  • why are women lazy in the sack
  • why do hate sedins
  • are there rapes at carousel center

Irrefutable Truths
  • Fat Steelers Fan
  • This gave me erectile Dysfunction
  • bandwagonburgh
  • cat gave me a boner
  • being an islander fan sucks
  • best blog ever vulgar
  • Cam ward sucks
  • cost of watching 17 flyers fans beat the shit out of a devils fan priceless
  • girls are doing shitting & pissing
  • i'm gonna touch her titties
  • intelligent women sport shorter hair
  • linda cohn is a stupid bitch
  • my cat bullies me
  • oh that's awesome girl
  • phil kessel down syndrome
  • rick nash was cute when he was skinny
  • sidney crosby pays for hookers
  • we speak the same language bjork
  • zombies ate my penis
  • you make me want to falcon punch babies

What the hell?
  • Peyton Manning Illegitimate Children
  • Tom Brady Illegitimate Children
  • things that have a 1 in 4 chance of happening
  • pat kaleta legos
  • thomas ashley vanek
  • swallowed promise ring
  • tim connolly werewolves writing
  • a brief history of my thumb
  • biron fight with rick jeanneret
  • blue circular hazmat suit sticker
  • duck shitting on redwing jersey
  • hate the bruins poem
  • mike grier stats "hat trick"
  • mother teresa touching
  • pilgrims dying time
  • quebec snowman thing
  • racist animorphs
  • sabres flyers poop photo
  • thomas vanek fan fiction
  • tim connolly disgusting fetishes
  • vulgar poems for fat guys
  • vulgar version of beverly hillbilly lyrics
  • zombie alexander hamilton
  • вино strawbery
I Have Learned Far Too Much About The Masturbatory Habits Of Strangers

  • Starcraft Porn
  • cats and erectile dysfunction
  • fucking dolphin
  • michele bachmann bdsm
  • opium den women
  • orgasm skirt
  • bear dicks
  • green man boner
  • herpes porn
  • hockey tits bruins
  • i showed dick to kid i first grade
  • kids penis
  • mickey mouse porn
  • nhl nude
  • rooting around in her rump
  • school yard penis from space
  • starcraft nude tower defense
  • titty coming out of a pussy
  • toddlers penis norm
  • trent dilfer butt photos
  • vintage dutch sex
  • weckpussy
  • zdeno charas fat penis
Zdeno Chara's fat disfigured caveman penis indeed.

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