Saturday, November 12, 2011

Penn State and Catholicism

Again, I said I wouldn’t write anything on the Penn St. scandal and here I am, a liar. And again, this is in that vein, but focusing more on something else. I’ve seen a few people here and there whom I know to be Catholics expressing their outrage and disgust at what Sandusky did.

It makes me laugh.

Sorry, but that’s the response I have when something in front of me is devoid of all logic. And these are smart people…they don’t just hate Sandusky for molesting boys, they hate McQueary, and Paterno, and the PSU administration for enabling and allowing that horror. They have a good idea of what happened.

But these people are just as bad and they don’t even know it. They give money to an institution that not only has seen several of its authority figures molest children, but then pays those molesting priests to go somewhere and hide (in the cases where they don’t just move the priest to another church) instead of exposing them to the full force of the law…when they’re not outright challenging the allegations. AND they’ll encourage churches to hide money to avoid paying reparations to victims.

Look, Penn State may have handled this thing in the worst way possible, but at least they got to the point where the guilty parties are being held accountable. The Catholic church is nowhere near that point. Nowhere near it. Sandusky was arrested. The Catholic Church sent one of its worst priests to Ireland and it set to pay him a stipend totaling around $90,000. This is the institution that Catholics give money to! A portion of their money ends up in the hands of a known child molester! Practicing Catholics are paying a child molester!

And spare me the bullshit about giving money in support of all the good things the Catholic Church does. That is complete and utter crap and anyone with half a god damned brain knows it. That’s like all these Penn State idiots defending Joe Paterno because of all the good things he’s done in his tenure at coach.  Awesome...but he’s still a child molester enabler. And Catholics are still passively supporting pedophiles. You make me just as sick as Sandusky, and McQueary, and Paterno, and all these moronic PSU supporters do.

It occurred to me that a perfectly valid response is to point out the involvement that NAMBLA or the North American Man Boy Love Association has with several LGBT groups.  Obviously many of those groups have publicly anti-endorsed (is that a word) NAMBLA much like many individual priests have spoken out against molestation.  It's a little different animal than these priests doing nothing other than parroting the company line and not doing more to effect change in a thoroughly broken organization, but there are similarities.  Does that excuse church goers who (I'm sure) do not endorse some of the things that the Catholic Church does when they give money to their parish (even if a portion of that does work it's way up the ladder)?  I'm not sure.

The thing is there are parallels everywhere.  Not just LGBT orgs linked to NAMBLA, but gas stations that link to terrorism, or at the very least anti-American organizations.  Clothing and electronics manufacturers that make use of child labor.  What's lost in the above (probably because I didn't mention it) is that stuff like this happens all the time. 

Maybe we're all a little sick.

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