Friday, November 18, 2011

Losers GDT - No One Caresolina

I like shitty southern teams because their GDTs are short. Let's begin

Venue: That place where State plays basketball.

Channel: The one with all the Viagra commercials.

Announcers: Sideburns and Watershed.

Canes Lines:

Jealous Older Brother - Depressed Older Brother - Our Savior
Those of Finnish descent and a 19-year-old child
Small Horse - Should be our Captain - Compete Level
Fats - Our best FA signing - This player should get real ice time

Drunk - The Man I spent 30 All-Star votes on
Our best Dman - The dude from the Simpsons
That guy none of us like anymore - AHL Hardest Slap Shot winner

Our only chance of winning

Sabres Lines:

Better than ours

Let's go Canes!!!
(Wow, post of the night. That's really all you need to see.)

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