Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In New York we Spell Evil N-Y-F-R-F

Those of you that read avidly (god bless you) already know of the New Yorker's Family Research Foundation and its bigotry thinly veiled beneath a veneer of supposed religious morality. Since it's important to be aware of such organizations and the ways they demonize certain groups, I decided to post a laundry list of the NYFRF's transgressions here, specifically in regards to Gay Rights.

Right off the bat is the fact that the NYFRF has partnered with the Family Research Council on several "studies" that are little more than a religious circle-jerk. Among the FRC's transgressions are using the discredited research of Peter Cameron and the American College of Pediatrics which falsely states (among other things) that homosexuals live shorter lifespans and that homosexuality poses a danger to children. Peter Sprigg, the FRC's Senior Fellow for Policy Studies has said that gay behavior should be outlawed and that gays should be deported. That's essentially all you need to know about the NYFRF, but I will go into greater detail.

The NYFRF has steadfastly opposed any legislation designed to protect Gal, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered individuals. This is based on the assertion that such laws promote homosexuality.

But that's not enough, despite an aggressive "pro-life" stance, the NYFRF does not support anything that would protect teens from bullying based on their gender or orientation. The NYFRF blatantly disregards gender identity issues calling them "code for crossdressing and transsexuality." Evidently no one has told the NYFRF that gender identity syndrome has been corroborated as a legitimate diagnosisby brain scans that revealed male brain chemistry in those of a female sex (and vice versa) prior to hormone treatment. To illustrate how much of a fringe group the NYFRF is, New Yorks Anti-Bullying bill passed by votes of 18-1 and 131-5 in the Codes Committee and NYS Assembly respectively.

The NYFRF will also try to tell you that anything in favor of LGBT rights promotes hate. In a hilariously titled article, the NYFRF complains about signs at a pride rally that said things like, “Another Straight New Yorker for LGBT Equality & Justice” and “All Families Deserve Equality.” The horror.

Equally horrible is the effort by some major businesses to "destroy families" by donating to pro-LGBT forces.  How this destroys families is unclear.

What's funny is that the NYFRF continues to treat Gay Rights like a minority cause even though both a majority of New Yorkers and a majority of Americans support marriage equality.

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