Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tim Tebow
I will be perfectly honest up front, I don’t like Tim Tebow. I’m not a Christian, and while Christians themselves do not bother me, Tebow-mania along with his use of that faith to partner with an unwholesome organization bother me significantly.
But as I continue to regard the athlete for things outside the world of sports, I’ve come to recognize that Tebow is a victim, like the wide-blue-eyed member of the Hitler Youth movement or the innocent and wholly (and blissfully) ignorant child whose parents retain an unfortunate membership to the KKK. (The difference of course is that while those organizations have been used to perpetuate evil, there is an aspect of good to Christianity.) With Tebow’s involvement with Focus on the Family, it’s clear that a benevolent Christian path is not one Tebow walks.

But can we to blame him? Tim Tebow is a victim of the parallel universe his home-schooling and his ultra-conservative parents have forced him to live in. His decision to partner with FotF, an organization that retains ties to the SPLC-designated hate group the Family Research Council (and was in fact founded by the same person) and whose own president has said that "homosexuality will destroy the earth" was almost certainly a product of the forces of that universe.

So even though I may dislike Tebow, I’ve tried to come to see him as he is, a victim of a perversion of faith. Nothing more, nothing less.

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