Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jumping on the Milwaukee Bandwagon?

This is the first time in ten years I've watched more than a smattering of postseason baseball, and a large part of that is because of the Milwaukee Brewers.  (Most of it is because the playoffs got a thousand times more enjoyable once there were no Yankees, Red Sox, or Phillies to be found (ratings be damned), but I digress.)

There's something compelling about a team that had one playoff series win (1982) in its 41 year history coming into this season and no world series titles (though the Milwaukee Braves did win one in 1957).  They were the reason I was passably interested in the playoffs a few years ago and now they're the reason I've jumped in head first now.

But do I like them enough to call them my team?

I do have an indirect connection to the Brewers through my friend Lee.  A native of Iowa, Lee roots for the Brewers when he's not rooting for the Mets, and when he's giving a shit about baseball at all (which is practically never).  But that's a reach at best.  Otherwise it simplifies to "they're the best combination of small market and relevant right now."  For years if you asked me my favorite team I hopped between the Mets (being a New Yorker), and the Twins (loving Brad Radke).  But Radke isn't in baseball anymore and I don't get a warm feeling when I think about the Mets.  In fact, I don't get a warm feeling when I think about anyone or anything in New York City (except the DGWU crew).  After years of hating the Jets and Giants and the Yankees when they're not playing the Red Sox or Phillies, and watching upstate get the shaft by the city, it makes me a little sick to try and identify with those people.

The other part of it is that I have no desire to watch 162 baseball games in a year.  A bit of a difference from other sports where I haven't missed a game in almost three years (Buffalo Sabres), or since the Clinton Administration (Buffalo Bills).  I'm not only not going to be able to watch a lot of Brewers games in a year, I'm not going to want to.

But having a team to call my own is different and might make baseball a bit more enjoyable, right?  Especially since the Brewers are one of maybe ten teams with a good chance of making the playoffs.  Plus it's a small market with fun crowds, a ridiculous home field advantage that's starved for a championship.  That's everything I like to root for.

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