Friday, October 21, 2011

It Gets Better - Rebecca Drysdale with Lyrics

It Gets Better by Rebecca Drysdale

Amanda is in gym class where the kids go to get fit,
But her eye's not on the ball at all, it's on Ms. Foster's tits.
Shes got a dirty little secret that everybody knows,
She came out but she wishes she had left the closet closed.

And here is little Davey hiding in the piano room
Playing Wicked, Rent, Chicago, Cats, and Brigadoon.
He's hiding from the locker room and jocks who roam the halls
Where he's safe from wedgies, shiners, and destruction of his balls.

But when they call you weirdos, fags, and rejects, flamers, gays, and hags
Baby-dykes, and homo-dykes, lesbos, homos, and queerbags
It might seem like its hopeless and will never be okay,
But listen to the ones who care, believe them when they say...

It gets better!

Someday you'll look back and you wont give a fuck
When you're swimmin' through your pussy vault like Scrooge 'fuckin'' McDuck
And when you're snatchin' your first Grammy, super-glam and lookin' slick,
It wont be much time til they get in line for a chance to suck your dick.

It gets better!

It wasn't long til they told Johnny that he wasn't normal
When he wore a strapless gown and high heels to his junior formal,
But the cool guys, they felt passionately that his chosen fashion
Was a rationalization for a rash of Johnny-bashin.'

Everyone made fun of Shannon cause she kissed a girl,
So she hid her head and closed her mouth and shut out her whole world.
She is brilliant, smart and funny, kind and talented, but hey
It doesn't matter what she is, all she is to them is gay.

But when they call you carpet munchers, fudge-packers, and queens
Lesbians-in-training, Marys, lily nancy teens
It might seem like you're different, weird, unusual, or strange,
But hang in there cause things will always and have always changed.

It gets better!

Johns a stylist and he's gotten pretty far,
Now he doesn't get his ass kicked, but his ass kissed by the stars.
And when Shannon got to college, she met people just like her
And she realized who the d-bags and the fuckheads really were.

It gets better!

Jane Lynch, Boy George, Versace,
Adam Lambert, Liberace,
Elton, Tim, John, Michael Stipe,
Ellen, Rosie, Wanda Sykes.

Jodie Foster, Linda Perry,
Gandalf the wizard, actually a fairy.
Simon, Amstell, K.D. Lang,
Even Brando liked some wang.

Rachel Maddow, huge muff-diver,
Richard Hatch who won Survivor,
Nathan Lane, Truman Capote,
even Obi Wan Kenobi.

Billy Joe from Green Day's bi,
Ricky Martin, big surprise,
Doogie Howser, what a showman,
Dave Hyde Pierce and all the Romans.

Tommy Tune and Alvin Ailey,
Meredith Baxter, Leica Haley.
Lohan, Paquin, both are bi,
Boy George and George Takei.

Cher has a transgendered child,
George Michael and Oscar Wilde.
Everyone involved in glee
One tenth of everyone you know and me.

All of them are just like you,
It got better for them and it will for you too.

It gets better!

If you're gay or bi or something in between,
There's no one who is meaner than a bunch of asshole teens.
But those assholes are the first people you will soon forget
When you're livin' life and learning how much better it can get.

It gets better!

Oh yeah, it gets better!

It gets better!

Yeah yeah yeah...

It gets better!

(I might have missed a name or word or two, let me know.)

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