Monday, October 24, 2011

First Day, First Impressions - GBU

So today was my first day at a temp. job that has the potential to turn into a full time position come December.  Without further adieu, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good:
  • Everyone is really friendly, much more so than previous places of employment.
  • Most of the employees have been there a long time, again much more so than previous places of employment.
  • They seem committed to being patient and allowing me to watch and learn for a long time. Some people are Peyton Manning and throw 20 TDs in their first season. Some people are Drew Brees and ride the pine a bit.
  • No billing to specific projects. Thank fucking god.
  • Supervisor suggested I leave early. That would NEVER have happened at my previous places of employment. Not that I expect this to be the norm, but it's nice to be working under someone who is realistic as opposed to someone who's under the mindset "you need to be working late every day even though we haven't given you hardly any actual work to do."
  • No cube entrance facing into a major thoroughfare. I can't tell you how much this annoyed me before.
  • Plenty of personal calls, breaks, etc. taken by those around me. Nice to work for a company that realizes that people aren't machines that you can just plug in for eight hours a day.
  • As the setting sun lit up the red trees, the drive back was pretty.
  • The commute was not nearly as bad as I expected. Almost no traffic.
  • The company gives an hour for lunch.

The Bad:
  • I don't really like taking an hour lunch. I'd rather take a half hour and leave earlier, especially since I bring food and don't have to spend ten minutes procuring food.
  • The commute is 40 minutes. While it wasn't as bad as I expected, that's still a shitty drive.
  • I'm not sure I'll ever get used to working an 8-5 job. Granted it's too early to be making too many judgments, but my big fear with engineering jobs is that I won't grow to love them, that they'll just be good enough and pay well enough for me to like them.

The Ugly:
  • I don't have a computer yet. :(
  • Good 3g service would mitigate the above for now, but it's spotty at best.

Overall I'm more excited for a job than I've ever been before. I think this is a niche that I could really thrive in, and there are a few nearby apartment complexes that I wouldn't mind living in. I think if I had a situation where work was five minutes away, extending sleep time and maximizing leisure time and (minimizing the impact of time away from work), I could really start to enjoy myself.

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