Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Buffalo Media: Why the Gailey Incident Was Stupid

I seem to be on a bit of a roll today, so I'll add my own opinion to something that had people atwitter last week that DGWU already touched on.

For those that missed it, Bills head coach Chan Gailey said something to the effect of "I expect to win every game, if you don't you're a pussy" in a southern accent that somehow manages to be both endearing and hilarious at the same time.  (As opposed to Buddy Nix, who is 100% hilarious.)

The response to this from people that respond poorly to things for a living was basically "lol Chan expects to go undefeated, what a moron."  They then proceeded to further criticize Gailey's comments mostly because they have word count guidelines and sometimes meaningless blather is needed to fill them.

The stupidity of this response can be summarized pretty simply: the media spent three years criticizing Dick Jauron for being "a chode of epic limpness" (pretty sure Jeremy White wrote that at least once) and now wants to turn around and criticize Gailey for actually having a pulse and setting goals that involve winning?  Are you fucking kidding me?  If there ever was clear cut evidence that local sports media is 99% assholes who like to complain about things, this is it.

Especially since I'm sure that at least once, at least one of them has written about how Buffalo has a losing culture and how someone needs to change that.  ISN'T THAT HOW YOU DO IT?!  By saying things like "I don't just hope to win, I expect to win," and "I expect to win every game."  With shit like this, it's no wonder Ted Black and Terry Pegula came in and treated legit media like they're fruit and toothbrushes in a kid's Halloween bag for the delicious chocolate of bloggers.

"I don't just hope to write good things, I expect to write them."  You know what, I can see why the media took issue with Gailey's comments.  They go against their very core beliefs.

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