Friday, August 19, 2011

Thoughts on Jason Pominville

After he scored his famous goal in 2006, Pominville was one of my favorite players.  Then my opinion of him quickly deteriorated into nothing for no real good reason.  I think a part of that is the fact that not only is he utterly boring as an interview, he tends to be utterly boring as a player as well.

Pominville has so many nights where he looks like he doesn't even care.  Then you go back and look at the statsheet to find that he had two points on the night, one of which was a go-ahead goal.  The guy piles up points in the most unspectacular manner, again aside from a certain goal in 2006.  I'll be the first to agree with many others that $5.3M per year seems like a lot for him, but let's look at the facts over his last five seasons:

  • Low of  20g (08-09), high of 34g (06-07)
  • Low of 30a (10-11), high of 53a (07-08)
  • Has played in 401/410 possible games (97%)
  • Logs time on top PK unit
  • Logs time on top PP unit

When you put all that together, he's probably worth $5.3M.

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