Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ozzy Lusth and Coach Wade Returning to Survivor

Rumors are all over the internet, originating from the Survivor Sucks site that the two returning castaways for the upcoming season of Survivor are Benjamin 'Coach' Wade, and Ozzy Lusth.  On one hand, I'm a little sick of returning players, but on the other, Nicaragua sucked so god damned bad, I can see why the producers want to hedge their bets with people they know will make for good TV.

Coach is and always has been entertaining so it will be a joy (albeit a cheap one) to watch him make an ass of himself for the third time.

I think Ozzy is an asshole.  Ironically in a season where the underlying theme was diversity and acceptance, Ozzy played the part of the stereotypical jock, bullying dorky fat kid Billy constantly and spearheading a campaign to throw a challenge so that his tribe could vote him out.  Being one of the most popular contestants ever, he's a perfect example of how good looking people and athletes get a free pass from society to act like pieces of shit.  I wouldn't be disappointed to see Russell Hantz style tears and an early exit from the asshole of assholes, but he's probably too good at challenges for that to happen.

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