Saturday, August 13, 2011

Next Project: Cube Wars Reboot!

Somewhere between ten seconds ago and a year ago I endeavored to clean Cube Wars up and publish it.  I thought it was a task I could handle, but more and more I feel there's too wide a disconnect between my writing style then and my writing style now.  Plus I have something I didn't have when I originally wrote it: actual experience working in a Cubicle Farm.

So I want to do a rewrite/reboot.  I want to use the original Cube Wars as a framework/outline, and make it more awesome while adding some of my actual experiences.  And I want to fix the things that took away from the quality of the original:

The use of a different font for each character - completely unsupported by most eReaders, even with embedded fonts.  While unique and enjoyed by a lot of people, I think changing everything to Times New Roman will be better in the long run because it will force me to be more descriptive with the characters and their emotions, making them easier to visualize.

The use of images - I still want to use them, but most eReaders completely whitewashed them out of the story.  Again I need to be a better descriptor, but I still want to include diagrams because I think they added a lot to the humor, the story, and the engineering motif.

I'm not sure how long it will take, or how much the story will change, if at all.  I want to keep as much intact as possible and only enhance it with my personal experiences.  The fact is that I am a leaps and bounds better writer now than I was 5-9 years ago and I think I can do a lot to improve upon the original product both for those that enjoyed it in its original incarnation and those that didn't know me then.

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