Monday, August 22, 2011

Live Reactions to "Leading With Lovem" A Film About Parents' Reactions to their Kids' Coming Out

The Movie is only 35 minutes and is well worth a watch.

Spoilers everywhere below:

This is mainly for parents to deal with a child that recently came out so it's not really applicable to me.

"My child is a minority now, she's going to be discriminated against in this world." - Tearful mother of a lesbian.

It has to be tough to stand in front of your family and tell them you're gay.  I could never do that.

Wow this kid did it in front of his entire family, not just his immediate family.

"As soon as he said it, I felt relief." - Proud Dad that always knew what was going on.

Some of these parents are pretty honest in saying how shocked/disappointed they were at first.  I like that.

This father knew his son might be gay when he was a toddler.  Wow.

"Unfortunately all most parents know about being LGBT is the misinformation that's being spread."  Fuck you religious groups and conservatives.

"When you think of a gay person, you go straight to the sexual."  Very true I think.

This has a bit of a high school health video amateurishness to it, but it's not awful.

The Methodists are apparently very pro-LGBT.  Go Methodists.

This girl has an awesome sense of style.  Guess that works for lesbians too.

"When I realized either my son was going to be gay or my son was going to be dead, it just clicked."

"My mom didn't want anyone else to know."  Ouch.

And now the home videos.  Not a bad watch.

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