Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How Sorry Do I Feel for Islanders Fans? Not Very

So a referendum that would have seen taxpayer money go towards replacing the decrepit Nassau Coliseum was voted down by the rich turds in Nassau County today.  A market full of upper class folk in a climate where ice actually comes by naturally that can't even fill a 16,000 seat building started to punch the team's ticket out of town?  Who ever saw that coming?!

Maybe a new arena gets built elsewhere and the Islanders continue to exist.  Maybe they play in the Coliseum until it collapses on the shitty team and their two dozen fans.  (If only.)  I really don't give a shit one way or the other.  Because the Islanders are about as important as carpet lint.  They're one of the shitty teams that only exists as miss-the-playoffs-filler so that real teams can play onward into the spring and summer.

This isn't an Atlanta situation where a relatively new market didn't get a fair shake.  The Islanders have history, hardware, and they play in the north, but their fans still don't show up.  It is really hard to feel sorry for them if the team moves, especially when they're about as likable as a surprise colonoscopy.  I'm not saying Islanders fans are douchebags, but instead of ice shovels, they bring out garbage scows during TV timeouts to clean up the shit that their fans throw on the ice.  It's like Philadelphia, but with less illiteracy.

The best part is that Nassau county is one of the richest in America.  They have plenty of money, but they decided to give their hockey team the finger.  There are 447,387 households in Nassau County and the median household income is $87,658.  The referendum was for $400,000,000 in taxpayer money.  You do the math.

There's no redeeming quality to the New York Islanders being in the NHL.  The team sucks, the ownership sucks, the building sucks, the attendance sucks, the fans suck, and the uniforms are ugly.  We're one step closer to being rid of them.

And to the one decent Islanders fan...sorry dude.

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