Monday, August 29, 2011

How I Imagine My Characters' Appearances

I figured, between working on different projects, I'd go through the big three that I have published at the moment (The Chosen, Skankarella, and Arnett Tanner Wants to Die) and give visuals for each of the major characters within.  This isn't so much about what actors would play them as it is simply about how they look physically (even if my wording might suggest otherwise).

Jason Behr as Ender (The Chosen)
It's no secret that Ender shares a lot of my own characteristics, so the ideal part is someone fairly tall, dark haired, wiry, and of course pale.  Behr is probably a little old now, his Roswell days long behind him, but he fits the bill better than some of today's other young actors (notably Daniel Radcliffe and Shia Labeouf).

Enver Gjokaj as Evander (The Chosen)
 Though Gjokaj might also be a bit too old, I think with long hair the Dollhouse star would fit the bill perfectly.

This Girl (who is of age) as Ellie (The Chosen)

No name for this one, but when I started thinking up the physical description of Ellie, I thought of this photo from a relatively viral set online.

 Christopher Lee as Jareth (The Chosen)
I have Jareth coming in a bit younger than Lee, with an appearance in his forties, but it's hard not to imagine Lee when you've got an old cruel villain.

Patton Oswalt as Benedict (The Chosen)
Big, check.  Ugly, check.  Capable of being despicable?  Who knows, but Oswalt certainly looks the part of the rotund Benedict.

Tobin Bell as John Rider (The Chosen)
Tobin Bell is terrifying.

Krysta Kaos as Wraith (The Chosen)
The diminutive adult film star with black hair (instead of her trademark blue) fits perfectly.

Shirley Phelps Roper as Shirley Roper (Skankarella)
You all saw that coming, right?

Emilie de Ravin as (both) the 'Ugly' Stepsisters
She has the wonderful gift of looking both beautiful and malicious.  I wanted the stepsisters to be physically attractive, in part to show that actual beauty is found within.

Ellen Page as Madison Roper (Skankarella)
Though a few of her measurements might come up short, I can think of no one better to play the butchy femme Skankarella.

Kacey Bellamy as Julia Prince (Skankarella)

Who better to play the athletic Julia Prince than an actual athlete?

Daniel Franzese as Fagan Teresa (Skankarella)
Mean Girls was definitely on my mind when I wrote Fagan's character.

Mark McGuinn as Arnett Tanner (Arnett Tanner Wants to Die)
When I wrote Tanner's character, McGuinn's beatnik-y look was the direct inspiration.

Courtney Yates as Havoc Bentley (Arnett Tanner)
Gorgeous, uncomfortably thin, a little insane, no personal filter.  Courtney Yates is the direct inspiration for Havoc Bentley.

Adam Baldwin as Lars Hanson (Arnett Tanner)
When I need a big tough guy with a bit of a complexity to him, I think of Adam Baldwin.

Norbert Ackermann as Abraham Ackermann (Arnett Tanner)
Ackermann is based on one of my college professors, specifically, this one.

Jim Broadbent as Ange Sanderson (Arnett Tanner)
Just add a well groomed beard.

Jason Alexander as William Hudson (Arnett Tanner)
Short, bald, sniveling, I think Jason Alexander would do just fine.  Wallace Shawn would also work well.

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