Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Buffalo Bills are a Mess

Trying to channel my inner-DGWU with this entry.

I think people realize that the Bills are basically the NFL's Pittsburgh Pirates.  We used to be good once upon a time, but no one remembers those days anymore.  Now we're just a laughing stock, a pathetically inept franchise that most seasons fields a team full of second stringers.  Some talented players have come up through the ranks but there's been too much awful around for them to have any shot at success.  If they're lucky they escape to a better franchise before we ruin them like Jabari Greer and Antoine Winfield.  If they're not, we cripple their careers and they continue on a shadow of what they might have been in a better environment like Trent Edwards, Willis McGahee, and even J. P. Losman and probably Lee Evans.

Where to even start?

It all begins at the top with Ralph C. Wilson jr. (I think he's a jr., but I honestly don't give enough of a shit to look it up).  As the years pass Ralph Wilson becomes continually more threatened when anyone smarter than him is involved with the organization.  That might be okay if he were a genius and there's a huge expanse of less smart people beneath him that are still very, very intelligent...but he's not.  Ralph has butted heads with every talented individual to ever come through the front office and eventually sent them packing.  See: Polian, Bill who's been a success everywhere he's been. 

Polian gets hired in 1986 with the Bills coming off a 2-14 season.  Polian's tenure in Buffalo looks like this:
1986 - 4-12
1987 - 7-8
1988 - 12-4
1989 - 9-7
1990 - 13-3
1991 - 13-3
1992 - 11-5
1993 - 12-4
Then he went to Carolina:
1995 - 7-9
1996 - 12-4
And Indianapolis:
1997 - 3-13
1998 - 3-13
1999 - 13-3
2000 - 10-6
2001 - 6-10
2002 - 10-6
2003 - 12-4
2004 - 12-4
2005 - 14-2
2006 - 12-4
2007 - 13-3
2008 - 12-4
2009 - 14-2
2010 - 10-6

Bill Polian took a team that had 4 winning seasons and one playoff win in the previous 20 years and turned it into one of the best in the NFL.  How the hell do you fire a guy like that just because he doesn't get along with you or your team's treasurer?  I'll say it again; Ralph can't stand having people that are smarter or more successful than he is around.

Ralph is selfish.  That's really it, isn't it?  The success of the team is not his goal.  Not if he isn't the one behind every single decision.  He doesn't enjoy wins if his stats aren't good and that in a nutshell is why the Bills have been terrible for the majority of their existence.  He's under the flawed perception that he'll look better if he surrounds himself with bargain front office personnel and castoff coaches.  That's now real life works Ralph.  Do you know what you get if you're the best employee at a company staffed by morons out in the real world?  Unemployment.  People synergize, talented people surround themselves with other talented people because it'll make 2+2 = 10.

But it doesn't matter because Ralph Wilson is going to continue to live in his rich old bastard fantasy land where all he cares about is being important.  There's a Ralph Wilson Death Watch group on Facebook which is not at all surprising because it's either going to take that or a super slick front office guy that can smooth-talk his way around Ralph's demented selfishness for the Bills to be relevant again.

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