Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vulgar Statistics: Sabres 2011-2012 Ticket Prices

I just got the e-mail telling me I can renew my mini-pack for next season, and with it came the pricing tiers for each game this upcoming season and the ticket costs.  We all knew that management would be bumping ticket prices to ensure that the team qualifies for revenue sharing, but it was unclear how much of a bump that would be.

Now keep in mind that this is mini-pack pricing and not pricing for individual games, so the prices themselves will be less, but the percentage increase should be fairly accurate.  (Individual ticket prices for last season are no longer posted so I cannot do an analysis of them.)

I think a 6% overall increase for ticket prices is both fair and manageable for most fans.  (I personally was expecting in the 8-10% range.)  When you look at the individual tier percentage increases, they look something like this:

  • Platinum - 0%
  • Gold - 2.1%
  • Silver - 4.8%
  • Bronze - 5.0%
  • Value - 10.6%

Obviously the percentage increases are higher at the lower pricing tiers because a dollar there carries more weight.  These are the average dollar increases for each tier per ticket.

  • Platinum - $0
  • Gold - $2.67
  • Silver - $4.33
  • Bronze - $3.00
  • Value - $5.33

Yes the Value tier increased more than the rest, but keep in mind there is an extra Value game this season and one less Platinum game.  They also somehow decided to avoid making both the home opener, AND, the home finale (against the Leafs no less) Platinum games.

Final Thoughts:

We all knew that ticket prices were going to raise and no one likes having to spend more money.  Given the circumstances, I think Sabres management raised ticket prices in the most comfortable way possible.  Shifting things towards the middle, and adding a few more mid-higher tier games at the expense of keeping some of the big nights affordable was a great move by the new regime.  I'm psyched to not have to shell out Platinum money to continue my tradition of making the last regular season home game.  Hope to see many of you there.

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