Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rising From the Ashes

I put my handyman hat on today, grabbed a pair of gloves and a set of clippers and set to tackle some trees and weeds that were encroaching on our yard from the surrounding woods.  I mainly wanted to take out some tree branches that were preventing me from being able to turn my car around in our side yard and did so without incident.

While carrying the debris back to our mulch pile, I passed our dilapidated firing barrel that had also been overgrown by some sort of weeded monstrosity.  Since the barrel was pretty much just garbage sitting in our yard, I set out to remove that as well.  I cut away the leafiness of the plant so that I could shovel out the remaining ashes that filled the tipped barrel.  Then the bees started flying out of the ashes like a buried army, swarming barrel and weed alike.  Fifteen to twenty or so started buzzing about the area.  Fifteen to twenty or so were soon poisoned with wasp killer.  Luckily they were harmless carpenter bees, so I was never in any real danger anyways.

After about an hour I succeeded in removing the barrel.  The weed was part of some massive root ecosystem that ended up being about two feet in diameter and around thirty pounds when I pulled it out of the ground, breaking a shovel in the process.  God damnit.

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