Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Smartphone Journey

About a week ago I decided to switch from ATT to Sprint primarily for financial reasons.  Because I could pay virtually the same as what I was paying at ATT AND get a smartphone, I decided to go that route.  The cost breakdown went something like this:

HTC EVO - $99.99 with 2-year contract
450 Minutes, Unlimited Text and Data - $69.99/mo
Data Charge - $10/mo
(Cost of ATT Plan with no Data - ~$85.00/mo)

ATT Cancellation - $60
Sprint Fuck Our Competitors Deal For Switching - plus $120
Activation Fee ($35) - Waived
10% Off

Unfortunately HTC quality control is a bunch of asscocks and a number of EVOs tend to have problems with charging.  So it took a couple more trips to the Sprint Store to get a working phone, and because of my troubles free screen protectors.

But, I now have a working phone, and it is awesome.  The fact that I can do all this new stuff without paying any more is fantastic.  And I've found that despite reports that the EVO eats battery like nobody's business, I've had an okay time with its longevity.

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