Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My First Anti-LGBT Post Ever

Bear with me here, I'm posting on stupidity more so than any aspect of the LGBT movement.  Evidently due to the deluge of couples that want to marry on July 24th, gay and straight, New York City has instituted a lottery system to fairly decide which will get the opportunity to wed that day and which will have to wait.  Because of this, some LGBT organizations are urging straight people to not get married on "their day."

How do you spend all this time fighting for the right to marry, win your battle, and then turn around and start to do some of the same things your oppressors did?  Isn't saying, even for one day that "straight people shouldn't get married," shitting all over everything you've been fighting for?

Hear this, straight people: Maybe it's convenient for you to get married over the weekend, or maybe you just like the novelty factor of tying the knot on a historic day. But the opportunity means a hell of a lot more for gay couples. Every spot in the lottery occupied by one of you means a gay couple misses out on an experience with much deeper personal significance. This is no way to act, straight people. Sunday is supposed to be a beautiful day. Why not go enjoy some outdoor straight-people activities, like attending a baseball game, or drinking an unnecessary amount of beer, perhaps while attending a baseball game. Or stay cool with some popular indoor straight-people pastimes, like watching the new Transformers movie while wearing pleated pants. 

That sounds like the mirror image of every gay bashing epithet that I've ever heard.  Hey faggots...go do your faggot things, like theatre club and watching Grey's Anatomy.  I think maybe some of the above is supposed to be a joke, but even then does it really make it any better?

I understand that LGBT folks are emerging from a period oppression and they want to be able to enjoy their newfound rights as soon as possible, but that doesn't excuse borrowing a page from their former oppressors.  I also understand that most LGBT groups have their heads on straight and aren't saying any of these things.  But it's not a dick move for straight people to want to get married on a certain day, just like it wasn't a dick move for gays to want to share in marital bliss in the first place.  Remember, this is about EQUALITY.

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