Monday, July 11, 2011

Functionality in Society and Age

I'll be perfectly honest, the inspiration for writing this entry is the loathing of how so many old people are arrogant twats.  Granted there are a lot of people my age and younger with entitlement complexes and general shitty attitudes, but that fact is well documented.  Why is it that no one seems to notice that just as many old people have the same complexes and attitudes?  I DESERVE STUFF, I'M OLD!

Really the graph of a person's functionality in society is a parabolic arc.  It starts low, reaches an apex between 20-40, and then it's bee-lining towards the ground again.  It's most evident in sports (that make sense, because fuck you NFL) when rookies and veterans are the lowest paid athletes.  Unfortunately the highest paid person you work with is probably some dinosaur that still fills out timesheets by hand.

I think this whole "respect your elders" thing that we've got going on reaches a point where it gets kind of stupid.  There is a certain line that gets crossed with people stop approaching things with wisdom and start approaching them with archaicness.  HOLY SHIT AOL IS GIVING ME FREE INTERNET ON A CD!

And while experience is a better teacher than a great many things, we've got an entire generation of people that thinks its the only thing that matters.  Like the fact that they've spent years being an idiot gives them some sort of advantage over someone intelligent, or better yet, someone with more applicable experience.  LINDY RUFF DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO RUN A TEAM, I'VE BEEN WATCHING HOCKEY FOR FORTY YEARS!

I just hope that when I'm old, I actually remain in step with the world around me instead of just pretending for the sake of not looking like a dinosaur.  (You're not fooling anyone, people over the age of 30 on facebook.)  Either keep up with things, or be old and irrelevant.  Can't have it both ways.

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