Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fags and Dykes

Fags and Dykes
by Alexander S. Bauer

Somewhere out there is a child
Who will never be the same
Because different equals wrong,
And she's taking all the blame.

Who cares if she likes women?
Who cares if she hates her dress?
But as far as they're concerned,
She's nothing but a mess.

And there are some who say it's right,
Her tormentors should be excused.
If we protect that lifestyle,
What is this world coming to?

They say bullying is wrong,
Unless the girl's a dyke
She shouldn't be allowed to live
That sinful kind of life.

They had it half right;
What is this world coming to
When the 'moral' path is one of hate,
Condoning this abuse?

I'll celebrate with fags and dykes
When the day finally comes,
When we realize the truth at hand
And tolerance has won.

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