Thursday, July 14, 2011


I'm fairly certain that at times I suffer from depression.  I use the word "suffer" with a grain of salt, because I think that in most cases it's somewhat of a fake affliction.  There are days in nights in which I feel crappy emotionally for no easily discernible reason.  Sometimes through effort I'm able to pinpoint the cause, usually some insignificant event subconsciously blown out of proportion, and other times I am not.

The internet has a variety of numbers that estimate how many adults have a diagnosable mental disorder like depression.  I've seen the figures range from 10% to 25%.  It's not an uncommon occurrence.  It's also not really something I would ever seek medication for.  Like I said, I don't feel it's worthy of such attention.  Even the times when I cannot pinpoint a cause don't alarm me.  I'm smart enough to realize the irrationality in what I'm feeling, and am always resolute in the knowledge that it will pass in time.  Usually in a day or less it does.  (I think a lot of the time it may be brought on by a sleep cycle that is inconsistent during a good week.)

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