Friday, June 10, 2011

Writing Update

Still looking for a publisher for both Skankarella and Arnett Tanner Wants to Die.  The later will probably find its way onto my Kindle Store and Lulu when I can find the time to do a final run-through.  The Chosen has been up for a while (link at the top of the page) and has gotten some good reviews, one from a particularly honest friend of mine, so if you're into paranormal fiction, you should definitely check it out.  (Don't worry, if you don't have an eReader, you can use your Smartphone or download a PDF version for the computer.)

I quit on Freedom of Restraint.  Sorry if you liked it, I just have too much trouble keeping up with a series and still generating novel ideas.  Jumping in and out of a series is the complete antithesis to how I like to write.  There may be a sporadic update here or there in the future.  If so I will let you know.

That brings me to my current project, Kissing Ellen King, which I thought I was never actually going to write.  Right now I'm just shy of 16,000 words into it.  I figure I'll come out around 50,000 after the first draft, but it's probably going to be pretty raw.  It will likely need several more looks and rewrites.

So what's it about?  It's a romance that lands somewhere between the movie Harold and Maude, the novel Stoner and Spaz by Ron Koertge, and the play Romeo and Juliet.  It details a rather unique relationship between an older adolescent boy and a younger adolescent girl.  I won't give much more away and that, but if I can find some good excerpts to post, then I will.

The reason it's going to come out so raw is in spite of being complete fiction, the relationships within the novel intertwine with experiences from my own life more than anything I've written to date.  A lot of the book is more memory than fiction and that comes out in a very raw, unedited form.  I've taken to using my old LiveJournal account to fill in some of the missing parts and flesh out a few of the characters which has me going through a lot of very poor writing from when I was 15 to when I was around 19.

I write around a thousand to two-thousand words a day so it will probably be another month or two before I finish, but I won't rule out going on long binges and wrapping it up within a week or two.  I think I'm on the cusp of hitting that point right now.  We shall see.

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