Monday, June 27, 2011

Writing Fiction vs. Writing Non-Fiction

I'm buried 33,000 and change words into writing a short story that has more personal history in it than it does fabrication even though the story is ultimately fictional in nature.  I've just now gotten to the point where the story starts to diverge from what happened in real life.  In short, I'll be able to do what I do best, make shit up.

Going from writing over sixty pages of personal history to complete fantasy is a lot like stepping into a cold shower and waiting for the water to warm.  I can tolerate the icy chill, but there is a definite anxiousness there.  And when that first stream of warmth hits me, it all becomes worth it.

I'm not knocking non-fiction, god knows I write it often enough (and am in fact doing so right now), but fiction is definitely a different breed.  I think because non-fiction is often so mundane.  I have a world around me to live in, why would I want to shirk that for writing about it?  But to create something, to imagine myself or imagine a character (there is often little difference) in a place completely of my making is so alluring to me.  It's like watching, experiencing, and transcribing a dream all at the same time.  I'm an observer, but I'm also there.

I'm the little kid that grew up but never stopped seeing monsters, never stopped imagining the floor is lava.  That is something special to me.

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