Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weiner's Weiner

As most of you know, Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner recently got himself into hot water after it was discovered that he sent a variety of pictures of his naked torso and barely-covered cock to a bunch of women on social networking sites.

Other than the fact that Weiner is married and that none of the recipients are his wife, this whole thing smacks of who-gives-a-shit-ism.  The other main character in all of this, the girl that received a cock shot on twitter, is of age (she's 21), and is not a staff member or in any way related to Weiner or his job.  She's just a political groupie apparently, which is creepy in itself, but nothing damning.  It's a far cry from soliciting sex from interns, staffers, or children.

But across the spectrum, people are absolutely crucifying Weiner, calling it disgusting, reprehensible, and a whole bunch of other adjectives that uppity righteous people like to use when shit like this happens.  You know what I find to be disgusting?  The fact that so many are using this to assert some sort of a moral high ground.  Weiner is 46 years old, and the recipients were all younger.  Any politician or pundit that's saying that they wouldn't troll for young ass by calling Weiner names is a big fat fucking liar.  We are humans, and no matter how many hail-marys we say, and how much we try to kill that part of ourselves, we like things that look and are young and pretty.  If I have to chose someone to represent my interests in a political spectrum, I'm taking the pervert with the tiny cock over the big fat fucking liar every day of the week.

This is such a minor transgression I can't believe people care at all.  The only reason any of these people are getting upset at all is because they have a poor understanding of social media and don't realize that this shit happens a million times a day.  I would estimate that at least 90% of people have at least taken risque photos of themselves or a partner at one point or another, and at least half of those have sent them to a spouse, girlfriend, mistress, fuck buddy, sibling, friend's mom, etc.

People claim that this whole thing makes Weiner unfaithful and link that to a bunch of other negative traits.  Ah, bullshit.  This barely qualifies as cheating.  If Weiner's wife puts on a tight sweater that outlines her tits rather nicely for an interview with some schmuck reporter, that doesn't make her unfaithful, even though it's basically the same thing that Weiner did.

I wish one of these fucking politicians would have enough of a god damn spine to recognize that sexuality is perfectly natural and not try to hide behind bullshit lies about "getting hacked" or break down and apologize like a giant pussy, which ironically is what Weiner is.  Weiner should have held a press conference, walked out like a man, thumped little Weiner down on the podium and said "this is my penis, now you've all seen it, let's move on."  The dirty little secret is that every single one of the people that's been bashing Weiner does something similar to what he did, if not the exact same thing.  He just had the unfortunate luck of having it broadcasted to the entire nation while a bunch of shitheads decided they'd pander to prude America by wagging their fingers.  He should call them out for what they are (and what most Americans are), a bunch of children too immature to rationally deal with a natural part of being a human being.

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