Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sabres Blogger Summit

Evidently, the Sabres are hosting a blogger summit this week.  I don't know many details beyond what's been offered on a message board that I haven't had much of a stomach for lately.  Evidently a handful of prominent bloggers have been invited to attend some sort of discussion with Ted Black.  I don't have any idea about who has been invited, but I do know that a few of my friends will be participating.  (And for those that are going to wonder, I have not been invited.  Since the majority of this blog is not Sabres related, I can hardly be considered (nor do I consider myself) to be a Sabres blogger.)

This whole idea is careening wildly in two different directions seeming to simultaneously be innovative and really, really stupid.  The good of it is that there are plenty of people who possess the knowledge, skills, and passion to write coherently and entertainingly about hockey, that lack only the little slip of paper that officially legitimizes them as journalists.  The bad, obviously, is that for every one of those people there are probably twenty idiots who don't have the experience, can't write, or aren't mentally stable enough to be exposed to the sort of criticism journalism sees.

Some are calling this whole thing a shitshow waiting to happen, but I think it's a move that needs to be made, and if done right, can be really beneficial to the organization and to amateur journalists alike.  Nothing has been promised aside from this initial meeting.  If Ted Black is smart (and it's pretty obvious by now that he is), the only real goal of this summit will be to weed out the legitimately talented and level headed from the people that are going to make royal asses of themselves if given the opportunity.  Once the low hanging fruit has been picked and tossed aside, Black and company can begin defining exactly how and how much they want to reach out to those legitimate members of the blogging community.

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