Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Cats

I did this as individual entries a while ago, but I think it might work better as one big entry.

Age: 12
Temperament: Ornery
Most Noticeable Traits: Fluffiness, Long Tail, Loves Running Water, Eats Everything.

We got Moonlight from a shelter a few months after my longtime cat Brownie died.  The first thing we noticed was that he wasn't picky about what he ate.  Egg salad, carrot peels, lettuce, cheese-its, the cat eats more like a dog than a cat.  He also had a tendancy to hide beneath our table and pounce on the ankles of random passersby.  He had a habit for being a little bitey early, but he's never bitten me.  He is the alpha cat and despite being clawless in frount and a meager twelve pounds, he always wins his fights.

 Age: ~6
Temperament: Loving
Most Noticeable Traits: Super Friendly, Lazy, Not Picky About Where He Lays

Fatty is the friendliest cat ever.  It what will become a common theme, he was dumped by our house and started frequenting our porch.  After asking around if anyone owned him, we took him in.  Most days he will sit on, around, or sometimes underneath someone while they read or watch TV.  He loves to be petted and is surprisingly agile for his eighteen to twenty pounds of size.

Age: ~5
Temperament: Goofy
Most Noticeable Traits: Yowls Like The Black Death is Upon Him When Picked Up

We rescued shadow when his mother cat had kittens near our shed and then left them.  We were unable to find the other.  Shadow is a bit of an oddball.  He's a bit skittish, but when I pet him, he'll follow me around wherever I go for the next hour.  If you pick him up he will make the longest most distressing noises you have ever heard from a cat.  He walks like a bowlegged pug.  Despite being our most muscular cat, he routinely gets his ass kicked by moonlight.

Age: ~5
Temperament: Friendly/Nasty
Most Noticeable Traits: Never Lost Pregnancy Weight, Hates Other Animals

Around people, Maya is the second most friendly cat behind Fatty.  Around other animals, she's nasty and few are willing to venture near her.  She was dumped by our house and taken in when we realized she was pregnant.  She gave birth to six kittens (coolest thing ever to watch by the way), four of which we found homes for.  She usually lays around by herself all day when she's not overeating and vomiting on everything.

Age: ~4
Temperament: Retarded
Most Noticeable Traits: Retarded

One of Maya's daughters, Which is an idiot.  She likes to be petted in the way that Forrest Gump liked Chocolates.  She's not really good at anything and spends most of her time walking around like she has no idea where she is.

Temperament: Needy and Annoying
Most Noticeable Traits: Will Not Leave You Alone, Pees in Toilets

Gizmo is the black sheep of the cats.  All the other cats completely ignore her, and for good reason.  She is obnoxious.  She in a room with people virtually all the time, and will meow nonstop if she isn't.  She's learned to pee in the toilets, though I maintain that this is because she tends to pee on a lot of things and was bound to come across the toilet eventually.

Age: Unknown
Temperament: Skittish
Most Noticeable Traits: Porchiness

Porch Cat was also dumped by our house.  My parents eventually decided to let him inside during the winter despite the fact that I'd built an awesome insulated shelter for him on our porch.  From his first appearance on the porch to the time we brought him in, it was pretty obvious that he wanted to be indoors, but he was extremely shy.  We think that he was probably abused because even after about a year of being around us, he's only just starting to not flinch when you reach out to pet him or run away when you walk into the room.  Despite his dingy appearance and initial skittishness, he's actually really friendly and loves to be petted.

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