Saturday, June 25, 2011

NY Emerges from the Dark Ages

I won't hide the fact that the cheer that went up when the final tally was read brought a few tears to my eyes.  So often we are removed from the outcome of major events.  Wars happen overseas on foreign soil, natural disaster always seem to befall someone else, and the presidential election is a spectacle akin to the Super Bowl.  Indeed media often turns such things into entertainments and it sometimes seems like we're watching the outcome of a game.  At the end of the night most of us can just turn the TV off, push it from our minds like a bad loss by our favorite team and head to bed.

There was no game in Albany last night.  There was no outcome that could easily be forgotten.  This was real life.  There were couples huddled around the television and around government buildings in New York wondering if their lives would change forever, or if the chains they had carried thusfar would continue to age, would continue to burden them.  And when the votes were read, it was like a championship being won, multiplied by a hundred, or a thousand, or perhaps there is no number that can adequately describe the feeling.

Senator Mark Grisanti of Buffalo said it best in highlighting the fact that there was no justifiable argument against Marriage Equality.  Any such argument is at best a bold shit on the very principles under which this country was founded and at worst a KKK-esque bigotry brought into the present day.  (Blah blah blah religion, blah blah blah bible.  1). Religion does not run this country.  2). Marriage is an instution borrowed by religion, not a religious institution in itself.  That's why it isn't mandatory for a religious figure to marry two people.)

This vote is personal to me for a number of reasons, but the most apparent is that the rights of the minority were actually protected.  As someone who has grown up unique, weird, independent, and nerdy, I know all too well that the public likes nothing more than to shit all over that which they consider to be a minority, that they consider to be abnormal.  Watching something like homosexuality become recognized and embraced is vindication for every time I was picked on by peers, by classmates, by "friends," and by family.  Thank You NY Politicians.  

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