Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Hockey Stats (aka I am a Loser)

Yes, I know it's the bottom tier of a rec. league and that stats are kind of lame unless the games mean something.  I understand that tracking them makes me a bit of a loser, but I've kept stats on pretty much every mundane facet of life since I could write because I love looking at numbers.  And being new to hockey, tracking stats is a great way to track my improvement.

Our league actually does keep track of some basic stats, goals, assists, and save percentage for goalies.  The only real number I pay attention to on the website is goals because the assist totals are all out of whack.  From mixing up numbers to not counting secondary assists to forgetting that the beginning of the play was a faceoff win (I lose so many assists this way), they're simply never right.

2009 Preseason 6 4 8 12 2.00 0.67 1.33
2010 Preseason 7 12 12 24 3.43 1.71 1.71
2011 Preseason 9 12 27 39 4.33 1.33 3.00
2009 Regular Season 16 4 13 17 1.06 0.25 0.81
2009 Playoffs 1 1 2 3 3.00 1.00 2.00
2010 Regular Season 14 6 19 25 1.79 0.43 1.36
2010 Playoffs 1 1 0 1 1.00 1.00 0.00
2011 Regular Season 10 12 15 27 2.70 1.20 1.50
2011 Playoffs 0 0 0 0 ### #### ####
Floor Hockey 20 23 55 78 3.90 1.15 2.75
2010 Fall Session 9 9 25 34 3.78 1.00 2.78
2011 Tournament 4 2 3 5 1.25 0.50 0.75
Total 97 86 179 265 2.73 0.89 1.85

I think that manages to be fairly easy to follow. I've done a pretty good job at hitting my goals. My first season playing I just wanted to rack up a handful of points, score a few goals, and hopefully be a point per game player, which I managed fairly easy. The second year I wanted to become more consistent, to have fewer point-less games and to improve upon my first year's numbers. Again, I hit that pretty easily.

This season I wanted to become one of the top offensive players on the team, and I figured if things went well I could hit double digit goals. I've scored in eight of our ten games and am second on the team in goals and points as well as tenth in the league (last I checked). I didn't expect to score quite this much, especially with the majority of my goals coming as the result of solid play, not poor goaltending.

Regular Season 11

Game 1 1 3 4
Game 2 2 2 4
Game 3 1 0 1
Game 4 0 0 0
Game 5 3 4 7
Game 6 1 2 3
Game 7 2 1 3
Game 8 0 0 0
Game 9 1 2 3
Game 10 1 1 2

I started off the year potting our team's first goal of the season in a 6-4 win.  I was crashing the net when a rebound put the puck right on my stick with everything to shoot at.  The second game of the year probably contained my most impressive goal, but I'll go through the first one before I get to that.  I was playing the point on defense when the puck came back to me.  I looked up to see one of our big guys in front of the net, and the goalie hidden behind him so I shot hard and low.  The goalie never even reacted.  The second goal came shorthanded late in the game with us up 5-2.  In inline hockey the puck doesn't slide as much so you either need the defense to be close, or to win a faceoff back hard.  They did neither so I picked off the oppositions faceoff win and beat everyone down the ice, putting the puck away low glove.  We won 6-2.

The third game was my worst of the year.  Whether I was sick, or just tired, I felt nauseous the entire game.  I scored on a rush down the left wing putting a good snapshot low glove, but was a big non-factor in the game.  We lost 8-5.  Not only was I shut out in our fourth game, but the entire team was as well.  I had the two best chances of the night, ringing one off the goalie's stick, and shooting another from point blank straight into his glove.

Our fifth game was easily my best of the year.  I spent time racking up assists early, but when we called timeout with 4:32 to go and down 8-5, I had no goals to show for it.  Shortly after the ensuing faceoff, I was coming down the wing and ripped probably the hardest shot I've had (not saying much) blocker side just below the top of the faceoff circle.  Less than two minutes later I was again crashing the net on a two on one.  I actually ended up falling over, and as I righted myself, I saw the rebound from the shot land right in front of me.  I put it in backhand from my knees bringing us to within one.  The game tying goal came with 29 seconds left on another two on one.  I had everything to shoot at and all day, and I made no mistake as I buried it dead center.  We would go on to score 15 seconds later and win 9-8.

My next goal came on what I thought would be my most effective way of scoring, standing in front of the net and deflecting pucks in.  The pass came from the left wing and I was there to get my stick on it and chip it by the goalie.  I scored my next two goals by accident, putting one in off a defenseman's skate, and chipping another five-hole on what was actually a flubbed pass attempt.  Finally tonight I slammed home a rebound in a disappointing night in which the team couldn't field any substitutes.

After a 2-0 start, we stand at 3-7, blowing multi-goal leads in at least two games.  I know I've contributed to both the good and the bad in that, but I've been happy with my play overall this season.  I look forward to continuing to improve as I build on my hockey experience, both playing smarter and fine tuning my skills.  I think if I could peak at a 20 goal season, or a goal per game pace for an entire season, I'd be pretty happy, but I'd be even happier to top .500 as a team.

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