Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kissing Ellen King on the Horizon

I guess it's time to talk a little bit more about Kissing Ellen King, the novel that I'm presently working on, and have only vaguely described up until now.

The big issue has been that the novel contains more personal history in it than any of my previous books, though it is still a work of complete fiction.  I guess my fear has split in two around the prospect that the people who read will too easily forget that it is a work of complete fiction.  The first aspect of that fear is that people will see too much of me in the book and judge me for things that never happened.  The second is that people will see too much of themselves in the book in the negative traits of certain characters.

So I'll take this time to reiterate that this is a work of complete fiction.  While some things may have a basis in reality, that reality has been stretched significantly out of shape for the purposes of writing a better story.

So...Kissing Ellen King...I'll just describe this in a book jacket sort of format:

Jack Chandler is a twentysomething registered sex offender who has a story to tell that differs significantly from the one described by the court order that has condemned him to the life of a pariah.  Kissing Ellen King is that story.  It follows Jack from adolescence into early adulthood as he describes the series of events that took him from meeting the love of his life to being questionably convicted of illicit sexual conduct and placed on par with child molesters and rapists.  His neighbors have had their say in vandalizing his apartment with vile graffiti and villifying him from afar.  Now he will have his.

Right now the story sits at just over 36,000 words.  I originally thought that 50,000 would be a good mark, but the story is proving more complex than I had intially imagined.  I think 80,000 words may be more likely.  If I were to guess, I would probably peg the finish date at early September, but that excludes any edits that will need to be made.  Hopefully I can make it available for Kindle and company by the beginning of October.  (The reason this is so far back is because I will be editing a collection of short stories, Arnett Tanner Wants to Die, and Skankarella around writing this.)

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