Friday, June 24, 2011

It's About Writing

Every once in a while Stumble Upon brings to an article titled "How to Get Famous Blogging," or some such, and invariably they all say the same things, one of which being that you need to stick to a particular topic.  The problem is that people tend to go to blogs for specialized interests.  Any content that doesn't cater to those interests is ignored, and if it's too prevalent, the blog itself is ignored.

I do not follow that rule.  Just in recent memory I've written posts on hockey, gay marriage, my personal life, and cats.  Which doesn't really bother me, I've always said that I started blogging to write, not to be read.  But that's what this whole thing is about really.  That's the focus.  It's a blog about writing, about my experiences as a writer, and about my writing itself, and the variance of the content (and style) works towards that end.

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