Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fuck the New York Islanders

After reading about fan reactions around the NHL regarding the Christian Ehrhoff deal, I've seen a lot of Islanders fans whining about the deal.  (Two players and counting that looked that situation up and down and said

Seriously, fuck them.  And I say that even though the Islanders are one of the few Eastern Conference teams I can tolerate (mostly because they suck and because they successfully out-gooned the entire Penguins roster).

There is no upside to playing for the New York Islanders.  None.  The team is god fucking awful, it plays in one of the most competitive divisions in the NHL, it has one of the worst GMs, it has the smallest and worst building in the NHL, and plays in front of some of the worst fans.  Seriously, Islanders fans either don't show up, or show up and shower the ice with garbage.  It's a lose-lose.  I can sympathise a little bit with Isles fans for being saddled with poor ownership and shitty GMs, but I can't feel that sorry because they're such dicks.

And now they can go eat some.

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