Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Does the New York Family Research Foundation Know they Come Off Sounding Like the Klan?

As some of you are aware, I follow the NYFRF and SaveMarriageNY on twitter for a bunch of reasons.  Partly to know my enemy, partly because I'm a masochist, and partly to see them lose their shit when Marriage Equiality becomes a reality and history and progressiveness start to bury them.

Why they have the word "research" in ther name is beyond me since they only thing they do that even comes close to research is sending money to religious research groups to come up with fancy studies that tell their members what they want to hear and already believe.  (Presumably they also gather around and masturbate to Jesus afterwards.)  If they want to just cut right to the chase, they should just call themselves The KKK for Gay Bashers.  (TK3GB sounds way more badass than NYFRF anyways.)

This organization is so ridiculous sometimes it defies all common sense.  Like the time they complained about peaceful pro-LGBT activists carrying signs that "said things like 'Another Straight New Yorker for LGBT Equality & Justice' and 'All Families Deserve Equality.'"  Why this nonsesnse was simply "an effort to portray the homosexual and transgender lifestyle as normal behavior," and the NYFRF denounced this as "promoting hate."  (Wtf mate?)

Or the time...sorry, times plural, they've bitched about legislation aimed at protecting homosexuals and transgendered students from bullying harassment and violence.  They protested the Safe Schools for All Students Act saying that it was "advancing the homosexual agenda."  And they didn't even try to hide why they hated it, explaining in the very next sentence that the "SSASA seeks to prohibit harassment, discrimination, bullying and cyber-bullying in public schools by other students and employees.  The bill extends protections to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered students."  Why would an organization protest a bill that is aimed towards eliminating violence and protecting children?  Why because "no mere act of legislation will stop children from engaging in bullying activities!"  The bill is "more about promoting alternative lifestyles to New York's public school students than anything else."

So let me get this straight, because you disagree with a certain lifestyle, you want students to be allowed to harass, bully, beat, and maim said students without recourse?  Are you fucking kidding me?  The best part is when the article finishes by saying "the respect (for every individual) does not include condoning behaviors that the bible calls sin."  Uh, do I need to get out the long list of absurd behaviors that the bible calls a sin again?  Do I need to start harassing Christians about their bowl cuts again?  (Thanks Leviticus.)  It's funny because in other areas on their website they talk about how pro-gay activists are violent and that Christians need to respond by loving everyone.  So where does not only failing to respect them, but also conceding that it's okay to get physically violent with them fall into that plan?

The NYFRF has also bitched incessantly about SONDA, or the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act which bars people from being fired or denied work on the basis of sexual orientation.  They posted some long winded youtube clip on twitter interviewing some preacher (who had like three altar boys unzipping his pants) about how he was afraid the Catholic Church would become infiltrated by homosexuals.  Uh...have you been reading the news lately?  Not only has that ship sailed, it's circumnavigated the globe like six times.

It gets better when you consider the evil Federal Hate Crimes bill.  "The real purpose of this bill is to protect homosexuals and cause anyone committing a crime against them to not only pay for their crime, but to pay an additional penalty because the victime was a homosexual."  Oh the horror!  Perpetrators paying for their crimes?  WHAT KIND OF WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN?  Seriously, why shouldn't the NYFRF be allowed to lynch gays and escape with a slap on the wrist at worst?  The article goes on to contest the inclusion of sexual orientation based hate crimes because their percentage is not seeing a dramatic rise.  Because that makes total sense.  Sorry Billy, the number of nerds getting their ass kicked hasn't gone up, so who cares?

But something called the Dignity Act that prohibits ALL HARASSMENT AND BULLYING IN SCHOOLS can't possibly be bad, right?  Oh yes it can, because ALL HARASSMENT AND BULLYING includes harassing or bullying a student for being gay.  The NYFRF has shown repeatedly that it wants its members and its members' children be allowed to taunt LGBT students to suicide without proper recourse.  (WHERE IS YOUR LOVING JESUS NOW, FAGGOT!)

All the while they keep insisting that they don't hate gays.  (They're not fond of being called hateful.)  They say that they are merely "hating the sin, but loving the sinner."  Okay, but where in loving the sinner does refusing to protect them from physical violence fall?  It makes no goddamn sense.  The entire NYFRF makes no goddamn sense unless you want to act out against a certain community and bury your evil under the guise of morality and religion.

Their Same-Sex Marriage section under their Issues tab is by far their largest, which is really fucking stupid.  Let's say I borrow a tool from you, a hammer.  Does that give me the right to dictate how that hammer is used until the end of time?  Of course not, that's ridiculous.  But that's basically what religion has done with marriage (and virtually everything else).  They borrowed it from the Pagans, attached invisible man in the sky and called it holy.  It's no more theirs to dictate what it means and how it is used than your hammer is mine.

It all comes back to the same thing.  These people just hate people that are different than them.  They can hide behind "hate the sin, love the sinner," as much as they want, but their actions do nothing to back up their words.  The NYFRF and its affiliated organizations are nothing more than hate groups, modern day Ku Klux Klans hiding behind the guises of love, morality and religion.  There is no morality in refusing to punish a bully because he sent a student to the hospital for being gay.  There is nothing good in the NYFRF.

If you can march around the state in a giant honking RV claiming to be spreading an institution dedicated to love and peace while belonging to an organization that has no problem with unpunished physical violence against certain groups of people, you're nothing short of mentally insane and you scare the shit out of me.

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