Friday, June 17, 2011

David Tyree, New Jersey Hero, Assbag

Unless you're from where I live, or a Giants fan, odds are you don't know who the fuck David Tyree is, mostly because he's only done one thing of note in his entire life.  Tyree, a former SU football player (I won't degrade students by calling him an alum or a graduate), is most famous for making the helmet catch that helped ruin the New England Patriots' perfect season.

Tyree recently popped into the news again for being prodded by the National Organization for (bigoted) Marriage to do an anti-Gay Marriage interview.  Which (as an aside) really speaks to how weak NOM is if the best they can do is David fucking Tyree.  Who's next, Mark Mancari?

The best part was when Tyree said the following in regards to the ability of same sex parents to raise children:

"This is what I do know," he said. "You can't teach something that you don't have. So two men will never be able to show a woman how to be a woman. That's just, for lack of better terms, common sense."

Kind of funny because Tyree grew up being raised by a single mother, or (in his words) unable to become something he didn't have.  Makes you really wonder about his ability to raise his own kids since there's no way he could have grown up to be a decent father.  Someone should look into their living situation in the Tyree household.  This is, for lack of better terms, common sense.


  1. You have Kobe Bryant shouting out the word Faggot...then again with the jets guy and David Tyree speaking out against Gay Marriage...and of course you have Tracey Morgan being downright hateful against gays and there are no ramifications. Even the sight of Weiner's Weiner has brought down a Congressman. Are people that afraid of Gays in this day and age? Well Marc Freden, too, has been given pause with the issue.

    As a gay man, even he feels the need to apologize for the blatant use of the word "Faggot" in his new book "REALLY!?!" Now Freden using the "F" word should get a tacit pass...much like black people using the "N" word to describe themselves. His harmless use of the word...(And you must read the book to understand) has lead him to a video mea culpa on YouTube "Marc Freden Must Apologize to the Gay Community".

    Furthermore, Freden has pledged that if Kobe Bryant can be fined $50,000 then he too should pay a price. A percentage of every book sold as a result of his apology will go to the Trevor Project - a gay hot line for distressed teens looking for a voice of calm and understanding. It is the least he can do. Who will join Freden in this cause?

  2. Why was this guy even on TV? He's the epitome of dumb jock. If I were on his side, I'd be really embarrassed to have him speak for me.

  3. "People like athletes...who really care about marriage"
    A fucking scholar and a fucking gentleman.