Sunday, June 19, 2011

Belated Lebron is such a Tool Post

I realize this is coming almost an entire year too late, but since I haven't started playing my sport until recently, the thought just struck me.  It would have taken hard work and determination to win a title in Cleveland.  It would have taken Lebron working tirelessly to improve himself, to go from arguably the best basketball player in the country, to unquestionably the best basketball player in the country.  Now in Miami, because the team is so much better than most others, he can sit back every other night and let the sheer talent of the players around him win games.

My dad worked tirelessly with me when I was a kid, so most years I was the best player on my Little League team.  I began to get used to being The Guy.  I was on a lot of bad teams over the years mostly due to the fact that my dad and I preferred to draft players we liked over players that might have been a bit more talented.  A lot of teams bent the rules by adding the father of the elite players to their staff as "coaches," thus ensuring that they were guaranteed that player in the draft.  To me that just didn't seem fun, moreso akin to the Yankees buying talent to win championships every season.  I'd rather have banded together with the guys I had grown up with and win with them.  We might not have been as good, but we were more of a team, and the victories seemed that much sweeter.

There were a few years where things all came together, where guys I'd been playing with for five or more years matured, and filled an almost perfectly complimentary set of roles on the team.  Whatever needed doing to win a game, it always seemed that there was one or two guys capable of doing it, whether it was a shutdown inning, a big hit, or simply a walk in a key situation.  There was a year we went something like 13-2 with four pitchers splitting the wins fairly evenly.  That was head and shoulders more fun than winning a high school championship with a team that was far and away the best in the county.

Perhaps some of it is the fact that it's always more fun to be the underdog, or that I have a bit of a hero complex and like to have the ball in my hands with the game on the line.  Certainly that's easier to accomplish when you're the best player on the roster.  Either way, I would never do what Lebron did, I would never go to a more talented team just so I could relax and play second fiddle and take nights off when I needed.  I want to be the hardest working guy every second of every game.  It's way more fun to try and raise the game of everyone around me than to buy a championship.

I guess I just don't understand the Lebron method.  It may not be as lame as I (and everyone else thinks), at least not in all cases.  It seems pretty clear that Lebron is a lazy shit who wants the easiest route possible to a title, but in others it can be borne out of shyness, or even selflessness, the desire to make things less about you as The Guy and more about The Team.

I don't know, but I know how I feel.

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