Monday, June 6, 2011

Aaron Rome Obliterates Nathan Horton, People Hypocritcally Outraged

I won't mince words, there is plenty to suspend or fine for in this hit.  The hit is too late and there is some contact to the head (though it's unclear what the distribution is between contact to the chest and contact to the head).

But people are going nuts on the internet calling it desicpable, a disgrace to hockey, etc.  You know what that hit looked like?  Every Patrick Kaleta hit ever.  No one was pissed off about these...

or this...

Which also involved an unclear distribution of force to the head/chest. (I tend to think the majority was to the chest.)

And the worst part is that David Krejci's crosscheck to the head of Dan Hamhuis, a player with a shitory of concussions, in game two got almost no attention despite the fact that Hamhuis still hasn't returned to the lineup.  The level of apathy is so high that I can't even find it on youtube.  At least Rome injured someone playing hockey.

If the NHL wants to throw games at Rome because of the lateness, or the contact to the head, I'm 100% okay with it.  It wasn't a completely clean hit by any means, but it also wasn't abject goonery.  And while I hope Horton gets back on the ice soon, I have no sympathy for the Bruins or their fans.  You reap what you sow.  And the Bruins have sown plenty of those.


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