Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NHL Playoffs - My Order of Rooting

1). Nashville - Though it will make me a little ill to see yet another young team from the South win the cup after minimal suffering, their strong diehard fanbase, and the fact that they prevailed through financial and ownership issues makes it a bit more palatable.

2). San Jose - See above regarding young teams.  San Jose also has a real strong fanbase, probably the strongest in their admittedly weak division.  They do have Dany Heatly and Dan Boyle, but they also have a bunch of likable players to go with.

3). Tampa Bay - I don't really want to see them win again, but I can't not root for Dwayne Roloson.

4). Washington - Even though I don't like Alexander Ovechkin or Mike Green, the Capitals have zero cups to show for their 37 year history.  It would hurt to see that fanbase, who really only showed up when Ovechkin did, win a cup, but I think I could stomach it.

5). Philadelphia - Now I have to order the teams I seriously do not want to see win the cup.  I know Philadelphia knocked Buffalo out this year, that Richards is dirty, and that Carcillo and Briere are obnoxious, but I find both their team and their fanbase to be more likable than Boston, Detroit, or Vancouver.

6). Vancouver - I made every effort to like Vancouver, I really did, but they just have so many shitbag players who are either cheap (Ryan Kesler), dirty (Alex Burrows, Maxim Lapierre, Raffi Torres, Jannik Hansen), or just plain annoying (Roberto Luongo, The Sedins).  The Green Men are hilarious, but that's about all they have going for them.

7). Boston - I hate Boston.  I hate their team and I hate their fans.  The only saving grace they have is that they haven't won a cup in a bajillion years. Or 39.  Whatever.  Fuck the Bruins, fuck the Red Sox, fuck the Celtics, fuck the Patriots, fuck the Revolution, fuck the Golden Eagles, fuck the Terriers.

8). Detroit - I'm sick of Detroit.  I'm sick of their European players, I'm sick of their American players, I'm sick of their lack of toughness outside of Kronwall, I'm sick of Mike Babcock who looks like a fucking Bond villain.  Breath.  I'm sick of their stupid hockeytown moniker, I'm sick of empty seats in Joe Louis Arena, I'm sick of their whining pusilanimous fans, I'm sick of the unoriginal Pavel Datsyuk, I'm sick of emptynetterberg, I'm sick of Holmstrom apologists, and I'm, sick of seeing them in the playoffs.

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