Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Long Distance Relationships

I find myself now in a place I swore I'd never be again, in a long distance relationship...kind of.  I don't really consider Rochester to be a long distance and my girlfriend is only home in Maryland for three months out of a year.  Definitely a change of pace from being around my ex for three months, and three hours away for the rest of the year.

I have to wonder what makes me think that I can do the same thing I did before and expect a different result.  The answer is obvious, it's the girl.  There is so much more depth in my relationship with Abbi because we're so similar.  We see things the same way, we have similar tastes in movies, and we make fun of people similarly (kind of like Dr. Cox and Jordan from Scrubs).  Because of that, I have fun with Abbi regardless of what we do.  I pretty much hate going out and doing things in general, but I love it with Abbi because it's something we can explore together.

The level of conversation is something I've never had before in a relationship.  Abbi and I talk more than I have with any other girlfriend which does a great deal to minimize the impact of the distance.  I think that if you can become so enamored with a person's mind, then some of the physical fades away.

Because of these things, I have significantly more confidence in this relationship.  I think the strength is such that changing circumstances have little to no impact.  Somewhere deep down I knew that Samantha never really got me, and knew that if the relationship wasn't convenient, it didn't have much chance for success.  Certianly when she went off to college, everything fell to pieces and I was proven correct.  With Abbi convenience seems irrlevant.  There is more there than me simply taking solace in the fact that I have an attachment to someone.

And to put it bluntly, we're both awesome and I sincerely doubt either of us will find anyone more awesome than the other.  So there.

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