Sunday, May 22, 2011

Know Who Finds Certain Cities to be Boring? Boring People

I think by now we've probably heard it from a dozen different places in a dozen different ways.  Buffalo is boring, Buffalo is a ghost town, there's nothing to do at night except go to Applebees, etc.  I was told recently by someone I happened to get into a culture shock that coming from a place like Long Beach, California to a place like Buffalo, New York is a culture shock.

Maybe this is a bit harsh, but I think that's kind of pathetic.  (I know, I know, I'm being judgmental regarding a different cultural viewpoint.)  I can't imagine lacking so much self that I'd become so dependent upon external influences for my entertainment.  I spent most of my time growing up in Van Buren, NY, a town of about 7,000 people.  My house sits about two hundred feet from its closest neighbor and there are maybe twenty-five total houses on the four or five mile stretch of road.  After graduating high school, I went to college in Potsdam, NY, also containing about 7,000 year-round residents in addition to two colleges.  Even though realistically I have understood that there is "nothing to do," at either of those locales, I have never once felt like there was nothing to do.

It's probably, like I said, a clash of cultures, city vs. country and all that good stuff but man, it terrifies me to think that I could ever reach a point where I could consider any city to be boring.

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