Monday, May 2, 2011

Hate: Boston vs. Philadelphia

Recently I had a conversation (or conversations?) on Twitter with a few other Sabres fans about whether or not the Flyers or Bruins were more likable as teams, which evolved into which's fanbase is more likable.  I tend to hate Boston, both the Bruins, and their sports fans as a whole, so much more than I hate the Flyers and Philadelphia.

I understand that Philadelphia sports fans have a douchebag reputation that began in 1968 (or perhaps earlier) and continues to this day (sometimes deserved, sometimes not), but I don't think their overall douchebaggery far outstrips the douchebaggery of Boston sports fans.  (Maybe it does in hockey, but not as a whole.)

Honestly, I think the main reason I have a soft spot for Philadelphia and not for Boston is I think Philadelphia is more like Buffalo as a city.  Their fans are way more passionate than Boston sports fans, at times a little too passionate, which can certainly be said of Buffalo.  Boston has a boatload of banners for the Celtics and Patriots and Red Sox, and Buffalo and Philly do not.  Boston has had wonderful luck in sports and boasts championships for all of their teams, while Buffalo and Philly are oft tortured.  Buffalo and Philly have seen their teams shunned or underrated by the national media, a feeling Boston will never know.

And in the hockey sense, Boston is standing in the way of Sabres' success more often than Philadelphia is due to the divisional rivalry.  I feel that in Chara, Boychuk, Lucic, Marchand, Campbell, and Savard that Boston has more hatable players than Philly does in Pronger, Richards, and perhaps Carcillo.  (I do not include Briere because I feel that since they condoned his behavior when he wore the right colors, Sabres fans are exempt from being able to hate him.)

Overall I feel there are more reasons to hate Boston and the Bruins than there are to hate Philadelphia and the Flyers and that's where my heart sits.  Until it changes...


  1. Another reason to hate the Bruins more:

    As much as I hate that asshole Ed Snider for talking smack about Ruff, at least he never publically repremanded the Sabres for not setting their ticket prices higher like Bruins owner Jeremy "Mr. Burns" Jacobs did. It's not enough that he screws his own fans with high prices, but he wants us to take it in the wallet too.

  2. As a boston fan, I can say that Boston had pretty bad luck up until recently. About 20 years ago (In my father's memory) TV channels wouldn't telivise Patriots games, and you couldn't give Pats tickets away. Think that the pats only got their first superbowl win in 2001. and before that had only been two other times. This is no disrespect to Bills fans, just saying that we didn't have nearly the dominance the Bills had in the 90's. The Red Sox have been a little different, as the fan base has always been a little rabid, but the team did suck for 86 years and only got their first taste of fame in 2004.

    Just, overall, I would say Boston is just as rabid a sports town as Philly, and is why I made the travels from Boston to Buffalo, sports town to sports town.

  3. You can't point to the Bills' dominance in the 90s as an example, excluding their strings of non-playoff years and then say the Red Sox sucked for 86 years excluding all the times they won AL East pennants, made the playoffs, and made the World Series.