Thursday, May 12, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

I'm actually not quite sure what the terminology is here.  To put it not-so-simply, crap you buy a lot of that you probably shouldn't buy so god damn much of.  If you read my credit card year-in-review pamphlet for 2010 you'll see that my guilty pleasure is "merchandise," on which I spent about $4,400."  As best I can tell (since it only tells me place of purchase), around $1,500 of that went to DVDs (and about $200 more went to DVD rentals).  (I had a few big purchases that contributed heavily to the larger number, namely a laptop and printer.)

Granted I've gotten a pretty good bang for my buck.  A lot of those DVDs were bought at huge discounts from Movie Gallery when it went out of business, or at greatly reduced prices online (why anyone would buy anything at Barnes and Nobles these days is beyond me.)  But the fact remains that DVDs are definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.

I can justify it a little bit.  As a writer, my inspiration has to come from somewhere, and while I won't discount the value of reading other works of fiction, I think that DVDs can be just as strong a source for ideas.  I see it as being pretty similar to reading in that for my money I'm not only getting enjoyment, but a positive contribution to other areas of my life.  So in short: shut up, I don't have a problem!

There are other things that are probably less costly overall, but also bring less value.  Next up is my legendary love of Sqwishees.  What are Sqwishees?

They're found in the quarter machines outside a couple stores locally and for whatever reason I find them to be endlessly entertaining.  I usually buy them with whatever's left over from something I bought that was way more important so I'm not really harming myself too much.

The final guilty pleasure of mine (that I can think of at least) is pretty new, hockey cards.  I had a ton of football cards as a kid (and still have several) and recently saw a few packs for cheap (3/$1.00, or $.30 each if your cashier puts the price in manually and can't do math) at the dollar store so I jumped on the purchase.  And while the 1990-1991 set of cards were cool, I wanted to add a few more modern players to my collection.  Sports cards these days are so over-produced that they're pretty much valueless, but cool to look at nonetheless.  You can maybe increase the value or add to your collection by getting a few signed, or do this...

Don't worry, they're worthless.

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