Friday, May 13, 2011

The Dog's Name is Vanek!

I posted this on Twitter, but I figured I'd expand here since people are going to shake their heads and call me a loser, etc.

The name the dog came with was Lenore, but she was oblivious to it, and every pet owner wants to name their own pet so we started kicking around ideas.  Her being a black lab, the next step from Lenore was fairly obviously Raven.  Dad didn't like that.  So we started brainstorming other names, going to our favorite characters from TV shows and movies.  My sister Stephanie suggested Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who at times existed as a malevolent black haired character, but that was met with a lukewarm response.  I went the Firefly route and figured that River would be a good name for our loopy puppy.  Both my sisters liked it, but my dad didn't.

Finally, pressed with having to put a name down on the dog license, and having to give a name to the vet, my mom suggested, and used Vanek.  Everyone seemed to like that (again, except my dad) so it stuck.  It works out pretty well since I've read that dog's respond best to one or two syllable names and harsh, distinct sounds.

Upon arriving at the vet this afternoon we realized we needed to give a specific birthdate.  Since the dog is a rescued dog, all we knew was "sometime in early January."  Since specifics didn't matter that much, and I thought it would be amusing, I told them to put down January 19th, Vanek's actual birthday.

I find the whole thing to be fairly amusing, even more so since the puppy's calm personality is a pretty good reflection of Vanek's personality in interviews.  Plus she's pretty lazy...

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  1. I think naming your dog Vanek is the most awesome thing in the whole universe.