Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dinosaurs are Extinct for a Reason

This link takes you to an article on New York Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long and his opposition to Gay Marriage.  To sum the article up, many Republican New York State Senate candidates rely on the endorsement of the Conservative Party for crucial votes that help them win their seats.  Long is the guy that controls whether or not those candidates get that endorsement.  His dealbreaker is support of Gay Marriage.  This is important because many of those candidates won their seats by fewer votes than the number they received from Conservative Party voters so they feel compelled to curry favor with Long even if it goes against their political ideals.

It annoys me that one guy can hold the Republican Party hostage like that over one issue, especially one regarding civil rights, and it annoys me that those Republicans that do disagree with Long lack the spine to tell him to fuck off.  I think that even without their endorsement, those Republicans could probably count on the majority of Conservative Party voters' ballots regardless.

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