Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Bruins - Lightning War of Signs

In case you've missed it, the Bruins put out this sign for their series against Tampa Bay along with a few others pointing out that Tampa Bay has no fans and that Florida is full of old people:

Upon finding out about it, a Tampa Bay area radio host encouraged Tampa Bay fans to call the Bruins and leave the most vile messages possible to show Boston that Tampa Bay does have fans.  After the assault, the Bruins pulled the sign.

Here's my take on the whole situation:

First of all, Boston really isn't a position to make that statement.  They aren't among the premiere American fanbases in the NHL like Buffalo, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, and Detroit, nor are the Lightning among the worst southern markets.  Because of that, the percentage of seats the teams have sold since the lockout are about identical.  The fact that the Bruins assume a sense of fan superiority here when they don't really have one is probably the most obnoxious thing about the ads.

I also found the DJ's response to be pretty funny, even if the DJ himself is an asshole.  He basically said that if the Bruins want to be dicks (good natured douchebaggery is still douchebaggery), then Tampa Bay Lightning fans should prove their sign wrong...and hey while they're at it, be dicks too!  Be bigger dicks!  The exact phrasing was "use words you'd be embarrassed to hear in porn.  Use the f-word, the c-word, the n-word (a bit much in my opinion), the there an l-word?"

As immature as it is to call a team's marketing and PR department and sound off with a string of profanities, the mental picture of some poor Bruins interns fielding those calls made me laugh.

Predictably, Boston pulled the signs and released some pathetic statement about how the intent was good natured, and blah, blah, blah.  What a spineless response.  I mean look, Boston knew they were being dicks with these signs, knew they were taking a bunch of cheap shots, basically they knew they were trolling.  But unlike a good troll they didn't get into a flame war, they tucked their tiny bear dicks between their legs and backed down. 

It would have been funny to see this episode continue, and good for hockey, especially if the Tampa Bay Lightning got in on the fun and started their own series of ads.  I mean come on, I'm pretty sure if a bear and a lightning bolt got in a fight, the bear would lose.  That's gold, use that!

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