Friday, May 6, 2011

Being Judgmental - What Does It Mean?

I made a comment on a forum I frequent, that was chirping, but meant to be lighthearted, that got taken to be worse than what it was.  A few post later, another commenter agreed that I tend to be "awful judgmental about things other people like and root for if they don't agree with my perspective."

I accept that because depending upon how well you know me, and what you read from this blog and other places I write, that perception can seem very accurate.  I feel that being unique (I don't think anyone will argue that), I tend to have a dissenting opinion more often than most people.  That sheer amount of disagreement may often present as a judgmental nature.  Obviously being a supporter or a member of several things that require an open mind, such as the BDSM culture, gay marriage, and nerdy tendencies I don't consider myself to be a judgmental person.  However, if I feel I am more researched on a given subject than someone I'm debating with, I will tend to take a very hard stance.  I will also play up an abrasive tone at times in this blog for the purposes of humor.  That can be seen as judgmental.

Part of me recalls the Avenue Q song Everyone's a Little Bit Racist, and wonders if everyone isn't a little bit judgmental.  The present vernacular has made the terms "that is cool, but not my taste," and "that sucks," virtually synonymous, though few people realize this so it's pretty easy nowadays to jump on someone for being judgmental...because their language probably suggests they are.

And in determining what activities, people, actions, etc. do appeal to us, we are essentially passing judgment on them.  We judge some to be good, aka appealing to us, and some to be bad, aka not appealing to us.  I'm not sure that calling someone judgmental really means a whole lot at least not in lieu of more specific terms like "overly critical," (which is listed as a definition for judgmental) "racist," "bigoted," "homophobic," and so on.

Like I said, I don't feel like I'm particularly judgmental.  However, in being a unique person and prone to liking unpopular things (thus being disagreeable), and in getting caught up in using the vernacular term (or sentiment of) "that sucks" to define things that do not appeal to me, I probably come across that way at times.

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