Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Worst ESPN NHL "Expert?"

For fun I decided to see how the so-called experts that cover hockey over at ESPN were doing on their playoff picks.  My scoring system is simple enough to be easy to figure out, and compex enough to cut down the number of ties in points as the playoffs wear on.  Contestants pick winners and games earning five points per correct pick minus one point for each game they're off.  Incorrect picks yield no points.

For example a pick of Canucks in five would have yielded 5 points minus 2 points for being two games off for a total of 3 points.  The ESPN standings are as follows:

1). Barry Melrose - 19
1). Matthew Barnaby - 19
3). John Buccigoss - 17
3). Scott Burnside - 17
5). Pierre LeBrun - 15
6). E.J. Hradek - 14
7). Steve Levy - 12
8). Linda Cohn - 10

Well now...what a surprise...

(For the record I'm with LeBrun at 15 points.)

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