Friday, April 29, 2011

Update - ESPN Radio in Syracuse

You'll remember a few weeks ago that I wrote this entry about the general shittiness of Sports coverage in Syracuse.  I realized today that a friend of mine that I play hockey with actually works for 1260 The Score so I jumped on the chance to ask him what happened to ESPN radio.  This is what he told me as best I can remember.

Evidently one day ESPN demanded that they be put on FM radio.  The company that owns 1260 owned three FM stations, two of which, 93Q, and 95X are both the #2 stations in the area for the type of music they play (Top 40s and Rock) so they clearly could not be commandeered.  There was a reason the third couldn't also, but I honestly don't remember.

I guess 1260 is kind of pissed about the entire ordeal because they saw a pretty big ratings drop with the departure of Mike and Mike whose spot was taken by Don Imus (I believe.)  I distinctly remember him saying "no one listens to Imus."  Especially not nappy headed hos.

Learn something new every day.

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  1. 97.7 is the best and these SU Football homers are on it all Fall in the afternoon after work. I didn't realize that crappy reception AM station was still in use.